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4th in Kuusamo!

Happy to start the season with a 4th place finish in the opening World Cup in Ruka Finland!


Finding Snow in Sweden 

go to FS blog for the full update 


Thanks Union Mutual of Vermont 

I'm alwyas excited to partner with New England companies, especially when it involves working within the Vermont community together. Last week I made the short trip to Montpelier to meet with a new sponsor Union Mutual and give back to the local schools. we made one visit to the Union Hgh school and a second to over 100 4th graders at the elementary school!


Get the Sven!

With the start of the World Cup season just one month away it's time for me to officially announce my new head-gear sponsor Sven Can See! I'm super stoked to be partnering with this new Boston based company and I'm excited to help introduce Sven Can See to the world.


So what is Sven Can See?? They have products that can be used on all types of eyewear from ski goggles and glasses, motorcycle and snowmobile shields, to water sports gear like scuba diving and swimming masks. Pretty much anything you want to see through clearly and prevent fogging in any condition.  They make a lens cleaner and an anti fog/ice gel that can be applied to the eyewear.  Perfect for those snowing, sleeting, or raining days on the xc race course.







So whats with the name?? The name Sven comes from the name of a mountain climbing goat (children's story) who needs to see though the fog!

Aside from seeing the logo on my noggin this year you will start to notice Sven Can See in a lot of places. It is already catching on as a go to product in many of the top outdoor enthusiasts magazines as well as in the skiing and scuba diving worlds. Check out their website and Facebook page for all the new happenings...

Where can you get it?? If it's not at your local ski shop yet buy it right online!





Join the Club, get the gear!

The Andy Newell Fan club is now open!

Thanks to everyone who has supported!

Join the club and get T'shirts, water bottle, and autograph card! Thanks to everyone who has contributed, I'm looking forward to seeing lots of shirts at this season's World Cup races in Canada