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Andy Newell - Green Mountain Air


Back on the Podium!

Happy to be back on the block in Rossland British Colombia this weekend!


World Cup Period 1

If I’ve learned one thing from racing World Cups over the years its that things rarely go according to plan.  Races get moved because of weather, athletes get sick, injuries occur, and before you know it this picture perfect race plan you’ve created in October is thrown out the window.  So far this season has been no exception and since my last blog post there have been a lot of adjustments to what I’d envisioned as a perfect start to the season.


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Vermont Bread Company 


Cross-country skier Andy Newell of Shaftsbury Vermont has competed in three Winter Olympic Games, representing Team USA in pursuit of that elusive gold medal. In addition to hours of training in the gym and on snow, his preparation for the 2018 Olympics looks a little bit different. This time he will be fueled by Vermont Bread Company.

Last week Vermont Bread Company and Newell solidified a two-year partnership that will run through the skier’s preparations for the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.  Newell, who has long been an advocate of youth physical fitness, is excited about the opportunity.  


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Final Preparations 

October is the time to head out west. Why? First of all because it’s a beautiful change of venue for some Autumn training, the kind of place we can escape the rainy wet roads of the East for some dry crisp mornings. Or so we thought. Erika and I traveled from Vermont to Bozeman on Monday and were greeted by 2-4 inches of fresh show in the morning!

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2 wins in New Zealand!

The US Ski Team training camp in New Zealand packed in two hard weeks of training and also two races. The Australia New Zealand cup races are some of the first FIS races of the season making them a good reminder of what it's like to ski race again. I was super stoked to have the oportunity to use these races as warm up competitions for the winter and walk away with a win in the Sprint and the 15k classic! Thanks Snow Farm!