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Sweden Training Camp

With a weekend off from World Cup racing the team has decided to re-group here in Valadalen Sweden for a short training camp.  I returned to Europe last Monday after a long travel day back from Korea, flying from Seoul to Ostersund Sweden.  Ostersund is home to a lot of Swedish National team skiers including our good friend Emil Jonsson so it was a perfect chance to catch up with him and also avoid staying in a hotel for two nights. After months on the road it’s hard to describe how great it is to spend a few nights in a real house rather than a hotel.

We spent two days skiing around Ostersund before driving the 1.5 hours to Valadalen to start our training camp. The best way to describe Valadalen is that it’s kind of like the Swedish equivalent to the Craftsbury training center.  Lots of different buildings with hotel style rooms, and a main lodge with awesome food, and pretty far out in the middle of nowhere. It kind of has an isolated feel out here but the accommodations are perfect with a full gymnasium and training center and perfect ski trails right out the door.  Not to mention beautiful mountains and scenery.

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6th in PyeongChang!

So excited to have had the oportunity to race all the way to the final in Friday's Classic Spint in PyeongChang South Korea! This is a season best finish for me so far and to do it on the 2018 Olympic test event is super motivating! Thanks everyone for the suppport!


World Cup: Toblach 

I’ve been back in Europe for a little over a week, getting adjusted to the time zone again and getting back into the World Cup racing state of mind. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to skip the Tour de Ski and spend Christmas in Montana since it gave me a full three weeks to hang out with Erika, experience the joys of Christmas in Bozeman, and get in a ton of real winter skiing. Three weeks was the perfect amount of time to build back up some training in order to hit the bulk of the ski season full steam and with full energy.  There is a lot of ski racing left this season and after a tough start with injuries and sickness the rebuilding process was really important. Now I feel like I’ve traveled over to Europe with a fresh start to the World Cup, and with a great base built up to maintain fitness throughout the whole season.  

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Back on the Podium!

Happy to be back on the block in Rossland British Colombia this weekend!


World Cup Period 1

If I’ve learned one thing from racing World Cups over the years its that things rarely go according to plan.  Races get moved because of weather, athletes get sick, injuries occur, and before you know it this picture perfect race plan you’ve created in October is thrown out the window.  So far this season has been no exception and since my last blog post there have been a lot of adjustments to what I’d envisioned as a perfect start to the season.


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