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Alaska Camp Video 



It has been just about 1 year since President Obama unveiled his Climate Action Plan. Since then Athletes have had a huge influence on raising awareness on climate change which has inspired me to start Athletes For Action. read about what we've been up to in this blog post!

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Bend Video


First Training Camp 

We are currently in Bend Oregon for our first training camp of the year. Each spring the US Ski team comes to Bend to take advantage of the last bit of snow at the base of Mt. Bachelor. At this camp we focus on getting in the long easy distance and working on lots of technique training. Off the snow in the afternoon we can enjoy biking and running down in Bend and definitely getting in a lot of sun. 


surf season is here

I'm in Costa Rica this week for some surfing! this is one of my favorite places in the word becuase of it's endless summer and amazing waves. I've been coming down here for surf since I was in high school to enjoy the 86 deg. water and pounding surf. Head high and fast every day here in Playa Hermosa!!