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Final Preparations 

October is the time to head out west. Why? First of all because it’s a beautiful change of venue for some Autumn training, the kind of place we can escape the rainy wet roads of the East for some dry crisp mornings. Or so we thought. Erika and I traveled from Vermont to Bozeman on Monday and were greeted by 2-4 inches of fresh show in the morning!

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2 wins in New Zealand!

The US Ski Team training camp in New Zealand packed in two hard weeks of training and also two races. The Australia New Zealand cup races are some of the first FIS races of the season making them a good reminder of what it's like to ski race again. I was super stoked to have the oportunity to use these races as warm up competitions for the winter and walk away with a win in the Sprint and the 15k classic! Thanks Snow Farm!


Norway Training camp

It has been many years since I’ve missed any US Ski Team training camps, but this July it was time for me to do something a little different. Last Wednesday when the rest of the US Ski Team flew out to Alaska, I took off in the other direction to Oslo Norway. I always look forward to our team training camps and the feeling of waking up every day for 2 weeks with the single goal of getting fitter and pushing one another. It was a shame to miss out on Alaska dry land training and Eagle glacier but if my personal goal is to become one of the best double-polers in the world, I needed to learn from the best.

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Special Olympics Vermont 

Thanks to Union Mutual of Vermont for giving me the opportunity to attend and speak at the Special Olympics. It was an honor be at the openeing ceremonies and to see and hear the inspirational stories that make the Games such an amazing event. 

Senitor Leahy and I after the opening ceremonies 

Erika, Harrison, and I in the Union Mutual athlete village 


April Adventures 

Now that the ski season is over it's the best time of year to experience all the other outdoor activities I'm passionate about. It has been a busy few weeks since racing has finished up. I've been on the move finding waves in Santa Teresa Costa Rica and was lucky enough to ski powder a few days later in Montana! Thanks to everyone who has cheered and supported the US Ski Team this year. I was a historic year for our team and we will have more to come next season and as we move toward the 2018 Olympics!