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Racing Starts Tomorrow!

Today we are officially 24 hours away from our first race of the season here in Norway. The team made in to Beito without any major problems on Monday night and since then we’ve had three days on snow to get used to our skis. The time change is still a little bit of a struggle but we’re going to be starting the season off tomorrow with a classic sprint FIS race.

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School Visits

While I was home in Vermont this past week I got the chance to visit two Elementary schools and talk about skiing and staying healthy. Thanks to Ski Vermont for helping set up the visits... channel 3 news was there!


Lake Placid Training Camp

what up ski world,

we’re back home now after a wicked placid camp. I don’t think my ski boots have ever smelled as crappy as they do at this moment after after skiing in the rain for so many days. I think the camp was a success though and everyone seems to be making progress as we are now only about a month away from the start of the world cup season. It snowed a few inches in LP yesterday which sent myself, smyth, sophie and jess back to southern vermont early in order to roll on some clear roads. So now I’m stoked to be home to chill out for a few weeks before heading over to europe after the first week of November.

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Lake Placid Video

Video from the US Ski Team Lake Placid camp. Great crashes!


Home in Vermont!

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