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Andy Newell - Green Mountain Air


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Dusseldorf Germany

Tons of fans, pouring rain, and awesome wipe-outs has become the standard for the annual Dusseldorf World Cup Sprint here in Germany. Every year the world cup makes it's way to the banks of the Rhine for one of the most exciting events of the year. 

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Kuusamo wrap-up

We just finished an exciting weekend of racing here in Kuusamo Finland. Saturday marked the start of the World Cup sprint season with a 1.4k classic sprint on one of the hardest courses we race all year. It's not a super long course but at the same time there are really steep uphills which turn the race into an all-out drag. Warmer temperatures and even some light rain made the tracks pretty hard and fast and as the snow transformed during qualification both harries and klister were in the mix.

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Bored in Finland

yes, we are bored in Finland. this was inspired by Billy D and Carl's video Bored in Norway. 


World Cup 10k/15k skate

today was an exciting opener to the 2009-2010 world cup season. Warm temperatures Yesterday and a clear night made for some rock hard icy conditions and fast times. here's a highlight video. The races continue tomorrow with the 4x10 relay and then we're off to Finland for the next stop.