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Team USA

with only just over 20 days Until the start of the Olympics. USSA has named their 2010 Vancouver Olympic team.

can't wait to represent the stars and stripes. read all about the team here on Faster Skier:




The skiing here in Otepaa has been bomber the past few days with cold temps and really hard classic tracks. It’s been pretty cold a few days but nothing too intense, just great extra blue skiing. The first two days here I just got in some easy distance training on the Tartu marathon course… it’s an awesome track that runs 65k’s through the Estonian country side.

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VIDEO: Why? Because it's Awesome

love the old Bill koch trick footage. The original B.A.M.F. 


Tour de Ski 

With the hectic race and travel schedule of the tour de ski it’s been a while since I’ve had a post, but I’ll try to give a quick update now that Grover and I have made our way to Oberwiesenthal and will now have a break form racing.
The Scene in Oberhof for the start of the Tour was pretty cool. I had jess with me and we traveled by train from Austria a few days before the start of the Prologue. As you can image she wasn’t too stoked to be spending New Years eve in Eastern Germany especially because our hotel was a piece of crap. Like really bad. It was just us and the Italian team there and this place was real ghetto.

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Rogla was basically in the middle of nowhere. It's not really a town, just an alpine ski area that was on top of a mountain. But it was really beautiful up there. wish I had some pictures or something to put up but I didn't have much free time there since we arrived on Thursday night and raced Saturday and Sunday. On Friday when we were admiring the views and skiing around testing skis in the sun I was amazed at how we could be perched on top of mountain with such nice weather and no wind.

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